Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wall art transformation

Oh, the Home Interior Party days.....Ever have one of these? I received a print like this for a wedding gift. I was able to transform this print for $10 and now it can actually hang on my wall.

I first tore it apart to see what I could and couldn't use.

I was able to reuse the frame and matte. I purchased a new print at Michaels for around $7 then bought craft paint in brown and then a metallic bronze color. I painted the matte brown, then painted over the gold frame with the metallic color.


  1. ha! I laughed when I saw the first pic load...yes...you did a great job updating your wall decor:)

  2. I know! How funny, that thing was ugly!

  3. Very nice! I hadn't thought of painting the mat before, didn't even think you could.