Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's mine!!

I spotted this advent house at Kohls earlier this month and decided it would be mine after Christmas when everything went on sale! So here is my advent house that I got for 75% off the day after Christmas.

I am so excited to use it next year. Our church gave us this AWESOME advent list to do. We barely got any of it done this year. I had my tonsils in mid December...so yeah...not really up to doing ANYTHING before Christmas.

Here are some of the things listed for advent I was given. So much better than candy...

Day5- birthday candle -- for Jesus' birthday
Day6- a key --- Jesus is the key to life
Day7- a crouton -- These croutons would not go very far if you were hungry! But Jesus can make much out of little. Read John 6:1-15

Isn't that awesome?! Each day has a bible passage to read your children...So I may add some candy to some doors WITH the items suggested on this list.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Photgraphy Name Art

I saw this idea on a website that actually spammed a post I did.

Of course I am all about DIY, so why would I pay them to do
this for me? My sister in-laws last name is POPP, I made this
for their Christmas present. I struggled with coming up with
3 different "P"s So I reused one...It is amazing how many
letters I find in iron work now when I am out and about!

I bought the frame at Kmart on clearance for $6, it this was a
fairly inexpensive gift, but personal and I had a blast doing it!

I hope they like it!